1000 Questions for Couples: Can They Really Bring You Love?

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1000 couples questionsLove is one of the most over-analyzed topics of all time. As long as man has existed he has sought to know its nature. What is love?, How can I get the one I love? How can I get love to last?, Is falling out of love inevitable? From the Holy Bible to the Holy Koran, to the Buddhists of Asia and other religions beyond, questions about love abound. In our modern world there are many websites that claim that they can give us the true answers to questions about love. This brings us to the most important question of all:

Who can tell us everything that we want to know, and need to know, about love?

The best way to look at love is as a Holy Grail something that we pursue with utmost hope and faith that we will find. If and when we do, we will have achieved the greatest quest of our lives. To look at love this way is to allow yourself to walk the path, to experience the wonder and mystic beauty of loving, falling in love and being loved and also to lick our wounds when you are hurt and keep at the quest. There are some among us who are lucky to find it early. They meet the love of their life when they are young and they never have to look again because they have exactly what they want.

Is that even possible?

The truth is that if you ask most couples that are by all appearances in love they will tell you that it is not all sugar and spice and all things nice. There is a lot that they have learned to put up with, a lot that they know to overlook for the sake of their relationship, and a lot that they do to make sure that their love remains strong. No couple is perfect. Ask them and they will tell you that what they do each morning is to reaffirm to themselves that they will stay committed to their partner regardless of what happens. Their morning thoughts go something like this: If my partner is in a bad mood today I will not make a big deal of it. If they have a problem I will do my best to help. If they need me to take care of something I will do it for them. If I catch my eye wandering I will try my best to steer myself back. If my eye does wander I will have to find the best way to discuss this with my partner without hurting their feelings. If my partner makes a similar mistake I will allow for the fact that they are human and they make mistakes. Here are 1000 couples questions that will help you improve your relationship for the future. Some of the best ways to revive a relationship is to use questions for couples.

No one is perfect

Being perfect is a myth. Even the best among us has to do a lot to accommodate the other when it comes to love. They understand that they are human and so are their partners. To them, the commitment that they made on that first day is what keeps them going. They live with the same problems as other so-called imperfect couples do.

What if you took the same accommodating approach towards your relationship? Would it be a lot more satisfying?

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