Which of the five love languages is yours?

the best 5 love languagesThere are 5 love languages and every single man and woman on earth exhibits the ability to communicate with one or the other. Its how they communicate using the 5 languages of love and who they choose to communicate with that makes them special. If they are strong in one love language but weak in another it is all the better to help them learn who they are and what they are capable of in a relationship.

Words of affirmation are important in the languages of love. Men want to woo women with strength and fortitude but compliments wow them far more then even the biggest muscles. Men can sometimes need to take a stand against there own masculinity and realize that she did her makeup this morning because she wants to look good for her man and not because she is self centered or neurotic. Likewise, it couldn’t hurt to compliment a man on all those hours he spends at the gym. Simple compliments can fuse life into someone who had originally believed they were nonexistent. This is the power kind words of affirmation.

Giving and receiving gifts is another important love language. Giving and receiving gifts is the only of the 5 love languages that can be mistaken for materialism but this is not the case at all. Gifts do not have to be materialistic in nature. Some gifts are not even physical manifestations but instead emotional hallmarks of love. If a Person is being very loose with their gift giving it may not be a good thing for their spouse just like not giving gifts at all can amount to under appreciation and a disastrous relationship.

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Acts of service is one of the five love languages and it is absolutely imperative for hard working people. Men and women alike can both thrive by using the secrets of service to their spouse. Is he doing enough around the house? Is she capable of helping him at work? These are important questions people need to ask themselves if they want an amazing relationship and not just an average one. Then again, doing too much for a spouse can lead to laziness and broken promises which can end any relationship. “I do everything around here” is what they say right as soon as they decide to walk out of the door.

Physical touch is the language of love that utilizes the most sexual energy but it is not all about sex. Any sort of physical interaction will count toward this language. It can be kisses and hugs or even hand holding. It is in this way that couples are able to connect and unlock potentials they didn’t even know they had. The body is a temple and it is important to be able to share that temple with a spouse.

Finally there is spending quality time together. Its in this way that people gather information with one another. Conversations aside, quality time can be a completely silent experience. Perhaps two people could watch a film together and sit in the silence of their own affirmation for each other. This is indeed possible but, only with proper dedication to the 5 languages of love including a devotion to spending quality time with ones spouse.

It can benefit anyone to learn about the 5 love languages quiz and all they have to offer including a thriving relationship and a better life for oneself and ones spouse. There are many more secrets to the 5 languages of love pdf than can be told here but, it is the responsibility of oneself to learn all that can be learned on the subject and explore the world of love with fresh new eyes and a better chance at partnership.

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  1. Abie

    Everyone deserves purest and deepest love and, to be fair, each person should be prepared to give that back in return. Thanks for sharing Joaozinho.


    “The highest and most excellent kind of love is that which springs up between two hearts when, being ready for a new life they receive from this very bond, the strength to leave their own families (the seed plot of the purest and deepest love) in order to found a new one. This sweet and tenacious love, that is so highly spoken of in the Holy Scripture, is, it would seem, the most admirable thing that God ever created” __ Chiara Lubich


    “Love, generally. is that principle which leads one moral being to desire and delight in another, and reaches its highest form in that personal fellowship in which each lives in the life of the other, and finds his/her joy in imparting himself/herself to the other, and in receiving back the outflow of that other’s affection unto himself/ herself. Such is the love of God!
    ‘Love awakens love in return; and love once awakened, desires to give pleasure; and the revealed will of God is that those who have received grace should love one another!” __ Author Unknown

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