Are Marriage Retreats Effective In Rebuilding Relationships?

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couples retreatDrifting apart as a couple is normal over the years, you find yourselves preoccupied with different things. Interests diverge, home life is no longer as satisfactory as it used to be and even intimacy issues may develop. Marriage retreats are recommended in such situations but do they really work? Many of them happen within a religious framework and it is important not to ignore this. Couples who are trying to mend their relationship with the support of religious friends and advisers may have a much easier time of it than those who go it alone.
Allowing it to work
If you choose to go through this kind of experience it is very important that you both trust in the process. We can all be very skeptical when it comes to matters of love and relationship. This is especially so when we hear other people express their views of how we should live our lives. If you have made the leap to marriage retreat and you want it to work for you it is important that both of you open your minds to what you will learn. You may be asked to participate in various activities all which look silly to you. Just do them and keep in mind that each of those activities was designed with a lesson in mind. It is only a fool who is closed to learning.
What if my spouse doesn’t want to participate?
This is an awkward situation that many people find themselves in. If you don’t want to be caught in this you must both agree to some terms in advance. The first is that you both want to go and you both believe that there is something that you will learn. The other thing to agree on is that you will both participate with open minds and if there is something that your partner can do to help with understanding of key issues they should not hesitate. You must also allow yourselves to talk freely about the issues that you are facing as a couple and as individuals. Your sessions leaders will give you suggestions be open to trying to make things work.
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