Bambi Photobomb: Help For Marriages

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Deer eating grassIf you’ve not been paying attention to social media this week, you probably haven’t seen the adorable impromptu shot in which a herd of deer photo-bombed a couple on their wedding day. If you have seen this picture, you’ve probably been overcome with cuteness!

Just as the newlyweds – Lauren Ruff and Erick Fix from Brooklyn, New York – sat down to eat at their reception in Stockton, New Jersey, their photographer rushed over. A herd of deer was quietly checking things out.

The woodland creatures certainly make for a memorable wedding photo! But how does a couple keep the magic alive year after year? Here are some ways to avoid marriage problems that all newlyweds should know.

Be honest and list your grievances

No one ever wants to hear a list of things about themselves that drives their spouse crazy, but it could end up saving the marriage. Sit down together and make a list of all the issues that you have ever fought about – large and small. After the list is complete – and some couples may have much longer lists than others – work together to come up with mutually agreeable solutions for each. Be sure to express your concerns constructively, otherwise you may end up in a screaming match.

Remember that you need to fix yourself first

It’s never a good idea to try and “fix” your spouse. This invites defensiveness, distrust, and resentment. No one likes to be told that they are always wrong. So, instead of trying to fix the other person, why not take a look inward instead? For some people, this can be a lot of work. Sometimes, this means dealing with addictions, anger issues, and the tendency to have affairs. You may even need professional help, and if that is the case, go for it! Use your energy and intelligence to make yourself a better person – and your spouse may follow suit.

Be nicer

This is also a hard one. If you’re feeling stressed out or angry, whom do you usually take it out on? The answer, at least for most people, is either yourself or your spouse. Well, stop it right now! Cut out the snide remarks and passive-aggressive behavior. Start throwing more positive energy out into the universe and toward your spouse. Smile more. Hug more. Spend more time in the bedroom. You and your spouse will definitely start paying attention!



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