Questions For Couples That You Should Know

couple traveling - questions for couplesWhen analyzing a relationship, the first thing that counselors evaluate is communication which is determined by how much they know each other. In essence, communication between couples is the most important aspect which identifies to what extent the partner is comfortable with certain things. However, couples often rely on continued stay to naturally learn what the other partner loves or hates rather than inquiring. Questions for couples are intended to improve the overall relationship by clearing doubts, past mistakes, hatred, embarrassments among other issues that may diminish communication between couples.

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These relationship questions ponder backgrounds/upbringing, opinions/suggestions, ambitions, likes, dislikes and many other individual pre-exemptions. The questions are structured to expose both weaknesses and strengths of partners in a way that communication seams can be broken down to achieve an open platform or atmosphere where couples can freely interact and share love. They are a part of personal and couple development. In many ways, the significance of these love questions for dating couples cannot be underestimated at all.  They may even teach you how to save your relationship.

Here are a few dating relationship questions for couples who want to improve the health and longevity of their relationship by removing the hitches that often result in spite, hatred, fear and at worst separation. Here are 21 questions for relationships which doubles up as new relationship advice.

1. What three things were most important to you before meeting me? Are they still important to you or did they change? What possibly changed them and what do you now deem more important? Are there some things you gave less importance, but now hold more relevance? At what point did they become valuable and what could be the reason for that change?

2. Are there any things you did in the past that you now consider embarrassing after growing wiser? Can you share them with me and then we share my own experiences?

3. What are your opinions or thoughts concerning spying or snooping? Have you ever spied on someone else or me in any way? Would you spy on me or someone else?

4. What is your general view of the universe? What would you change, add or remove if that power was bestowed upon you?

5. Have you ever had the thought of being someone else? Who is it and what is the reason?

6. What do you consider to be the strongest traits that identify your personality?

7. What are your opinions about traits such as psychic powers and astral projections? Have you ever witnessed or met people with such traits and do you believe in the reality of such phenomenon?

8. How can you summarize what life has taught you up until now? Do you use those experiences to shape some decisions and approaches in the way you live?

9. Do I make a good spouse? What are some of the things you love me doing and what more would you love me to do?

10. What is the most important thing for you concerning love making? Do you consider the sex experience depicted in television as incredible? Do you think it is possible to achieve the same experience?

11. Do you have any religious attachments? Do you pray and how often do this happen? Does it change the way you face challenges or decisions in life?

12. Do you love traveling? Where would you go if money were no limitation?

13. What is the best meal you’ve ever had and how often would you love to have it?

14. Who do people think you take after, mother, father or both? Do you think differently?

15. Can you remember your childhood experiences and what do you think of them?

16. What comprises the “You” day?

17. If I should spend one day in your shoes, how would you describe what I am likely to experience?

18. Have you ever taken part in any criminal activity?

19. What do you look up to today, this week and this month? What plans do you have for the future?

20. What reservations do you have on dressing?

21. Do you plan on maintaining your personal lifestyle forever? What are some of the differences we have? Can they be a cause for conflict in the future or do they complement our relationship?

22. Should we face any problem in our relationship, which form of help would you seek?

Questions for couples should revolve around opinions, experiences and ambitions in order to improve communication. The questions should tackle romance, past, trust and future. These are very important questions that can help couples in their relationships. These questions for couples can help to build a strong relationship and even strengthen the ties that bring together two people. It is a good way of eliminating hatred or doubt in a relationship. Check out the “1000 Questions For Couples” book review here

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