Angie & Ronnie Part 3

Angie: So did friends and family object to our relationship? If yes, why and how did we get past that? Ron: Yeah, there were some objections. I know the initial one was that somehow or the other I did not fit their social bill. Angie: I thought you were going to give the 10 days […]

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Meet Angie & Ronnie – Part 2

Angie: So, has it always been smooth sailing in our relationship? Ron: No, there was definitely not always smooth sailing, I think there was a bit of ‘baggage handling’? Angie: That we had to deal with after we had gotten married. I remember those early days. It was a transition from being courted to being […]

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Meet Angie & Ronnie Part 1

Angie: How many years have we been married? Ron: We have been married 13 years and 5 months. Angie: And, what do you think is the secret to our marriage success? Ron: It is a secret so I may not know, but anyway. Chuckle. Seriously, Umm? Angie: Not sure what’s been the key that’s been […]

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