Can crows help us understand the 5 love languages?

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CrowThe sounds that crows and ravens make are a lot different than songbirds: they sound like they are actually yelling at each other – and according to ornithologist Kevin McGowan, that may be exactly what they are doing.

Crows that caw and cry out seem to be claiming territory, but they also appear to be alerting their family group as to their location or identifying a possible food source. They also use sounds like clicking and chopping to communicate.

With all this study on the communication of birds, scientists must have figured out how men and woman can communicate a little better, right?

There are actually 5 love languages, or ways that we express love emotionally, that couples should understand. Identifying these love languages is a major part of marriage and relationship counseling.

The 5 love languages

These five love languages identify the way in which human beings express and experience love emotionally. Not everyone is the same. It is important for couples to find which love language their partner “speaks” in order to really convey their feelings:

  1. Words of Affirmation. Some people need spoken praise and appreciation. If your spouse speaks this love language, he or she needs to hear words of love. Say thank you and explain how much you appreciate them and it will make a real difference.
  2. Physical Touch. Emotions and physical touch go hand-in-hand, but for some people, this is the only way they can feel love. Physical touch can be something as simple as holding hands or a soft rub on the back: kissing, hugging and having sex fit the bill as well.
  3. Receiving Gifts. Everyone loves to receive gifts, but some people actually require it in order to feel loved. If this is a person’s primary love language, then he or she needs to receive gifts in order to feel loved most deeply. So, don’t forget anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or “special” occasions.
  4. Acts of Service. For some people, actions really do speak louder than words. If this is your partner’s love language, don’t think that just saying you love them is going to work – they need you to prove it through your actions. So, go ahead and help with the dishes!
  5. Quality Time. With this love language, you really need to give your complete attention to your loved one. This way, he or she knows you really do care. If this is your spouse’s primary love language, however, tread lightly – don’t attempt to multitask – provide your undivided attention!

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