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5 Important Questions to Ask on Every First Date

dating advice for new couples

Let’s face it; nobody likes a tense and anxious first date full of questions that feels like an interview. However, here is great dating advice, the main point of a date is to find out as much as you can about your potential partner because this what determines if there will be more dates to […]

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What Dating Advice Women Need to Know About Themselves

Advice for Dating Women

Every woman has a list of attributes and things that they expect their partners to meet. Sometimes people say that you should not keep a list but it is very important to have one. This is because before joining the dating scene; you should know exactly what you want. This helps you eliminate people who […]

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Dating Advice for Men Who Want to Keep their Women

1st date issues

So you arrived early for the date, everything is set and she walks in flowing with beauty and glam. The first 10 minutes go so well and you seem to get her laughing at every joke. Then the dreadful happens you reach out and dig for gold in your right nostril. Everything stops, she drops […]

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