Could your relationship issues lead you to a week at KFC?

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Fast food restaurants in Shanghai, ChinaWhen it comes to love, all of us have had relationship issues and gone through break-ups. Often, the end of a relationship can feel like the end of the world. You might even reach for some cookies, ice cream and junk food to help you get through.

But have you ever gone through such a traumatic break-up that it landed you in a KFC for an entire week? That’s exactly what happened to 26-year-old Tan Shen from the Sichuan Province of China. Her boyfriend dumped her and she headed over to KFC for some comfort food.

The thing is, Shen actually stayed at the KFC for a whole week because she apparently needed some time to think things over. The restaurant, which is open 24 hours a day, didn’t realize they had a long-time guest for a few days since employees work in shifts! Shen decided to leave once the media showed up and began writing about her.

As outrageous as this story seems, break-ups can be really hard on people. But they shouldn’t lead you to a fast-food joint for weeks at a time.

How to survive a break-up

Though you cannot avoid the change that comes with a break-up, you can minimize the suffering. If the relationship issues that you had led you to do the inevitable, there are some ways to get through it:

  • Go ahead and cry. The healthiest way to deal with a break-up is to deal with the sense of loss you’re feeling. Grief is a natural part of this process, so go ahead and cry. And don’t worry, even if it feels like the tears will never stop, they will.
  • Be strong and get emotional support. This doesn’t strictly mean that you have to seek out a therapist or go to a support group, but you should talk to someone. This could be a friend or relative that you feel close to. Don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside.
  • Everyday, do something for yourself. Now is a time to think about yourself. Do something everyday that will help you heal. This could be exercising, reading, going to a movie, or hanging out with friends. Do something fun – don’t just sit at home all bummed out.
  • Don’t rush things. Dealing with a break-up takes time so don’t rush things. Now is not the time to make a major new purchase or jump into a new relationship. Major changes during this delicate time are often a way to avoid your feelings.

Just remember, you will be OK! You will get over this and you will once again find love. It just takes a little time and healing.

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