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It’s not always that break-ups are not meant for a patch-up. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people do get carried away with harsh words and then later on, look out for desperate ways to get their ex back. Proper direction is the key to handle a delicate matter as such. That being said, is Michael Webbs Getting Him Back book worth the praise in contrast to other pieces? Let’s figure it out.

Expecting your ex to come back ultimately, without you pursuing him, is one of the most unrealistic pieces of advice you’ll get in most of the books out there. You have no idea he might have moved on with his life, in search of a new partner. In such a case, you would be left with nothing, but regret.

It’s really annoying to get misguided by something you have paid for, and seeing your hope to get him back, shattered, is the worst feeling ever. Such books just make use of your desperation and fun of your emotions by making big promises that aren’t true.

Unlike such publications, Getting Him Back book is one class apart, which doesn’t assure you of anything immediate, but at the same time, keeps the hope floating just about there, where its required to be.

It’s important to make the intentions clear before you take the steps to get him back, and that’s the reason why, the very first topic in this book is a direct question to your heart, whether you TRULY TRULY want that person back in your life?

This content is so well fabricated and organized, such that you don’t get into committing the same mistakes as before. It is composed of 3 imperative topics revolving around 22 questions, which include some important ones like: What led to the break-up and how did you and your partner contributed to it? Are things going to be the same after you patch up? And few more queries that directly questions your intent.

Once you are confident about getting him back, the script goes forward to the break-up material, which starts off from the moment you broke up and guides you step by step unto the point of achieving him back successfully.

It’s my favorite one out there, for the fact that this book is WOMEN SPECIFIC unlike the other books which are NOT. One has to agree that a woman has completely different vision of analyzing things than a man, and hence, this book is served well for that matter.

So is this book an ideal solution to get him back? Not really!

Cases may differ and there are chances your ex may pick you up on some scripted lines, which might make him doubtful. However, you can always refer to examples to give your approach a more natural look, rather than a canned one.

On the whole, this chunk of content is one of the most viable Get Him Back books I have reviewed recently. For all those women out there who live in the fear of losing their partner or those who are willing to get their ex back, this book would definitely be my personal recommendation.

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