Premarital Counseling For Success

man proposing to a womanPremarital counseling is done by couple to enable to have a long lasting relationship and a relationship, which is stress free. Here are four main benefits of premarital counseling: 

Help for Settlement of Disputes – The counseling helps a couple to learn how to deal with disagreements between them or how to resolve the disagreement between them. There is a therapy called Imago Relationship Therapy, whereby a couple learns to confidently talk about their desire and expectations after being married. This will give both partners the information needed in order to change their behavior as a small sacrifice or as a gift given by the two parties to each other.

How to communicate with others – The core of all the issues of the counseling teach the couple a way to communicate with each other so that no body feeling violated and also to feel that each one of them is heard and finally learn how to listen to each other. Learning these communication skills bring a new face in the marriage of a couple who is at any stage. However, it is recommended that a couple should have these skills from the beginning of their relationship in marriage, as it is much easier to communicate in the beginning of the relationship.

Premarital counseling explain why choose each other – by Imago therapy techniques, the counselor helps the couple in healing their childhood wounds by placing the good and bad part of a person in the reception. However, there is one major drawback of this therapy once the other party is aware of the bad part of his / her partner, one can begin to look toward the negative side of the partner after the wedding opportunity. However, when a couple is over this setback, it is able to turn a new leaf and start afresh.

Introduction to the Challenges – a couple gets to know the challenge that lies ahead of them. The first child often brings the greatest challenge to the newly wedded couple. The couple can deal well with the challenge as it had already prepared for the task.

It is important for couples to understand the benefits of premarital counseling. We recommend that everyone go to the counseling before being married in order to be able to deal with the new challenges after the marriage.

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