Dating Advice for Men and Women That You Don’t Hear Every Day

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Dating advice for couples
Dating advice for couples

Look at most dating advice websites and you will see that they give more or less the same tips – be confident, don’t make the guy the center of your world, don’t try and kiss her on the first date and so on. While this is all good advice that should be followed, there are some important things that people never talk about. These observations are usually made in retrospect after breaking up so you should take them seriously.

•You meet a guy, you date for a bit and then you meet his pals and they have anecdotes about him drinking till he was out of his mind? Guess what, start thinking of cooling things with him because that is exactly what he will do when you are in a relationship or married.

•Don’t make dating an obsession; it’s amazing the amount of time people devote to meeting people and dating them to see whether they would make suitable mates. This is the wrong approach because you go on so many dates that you become jaded. Go out there and meet people with the aim of making friends rather than dating them.

•Its not about the other person, it’s about you. When we start dating we do our best to make sure that the other person likes us. That is why when the romance wears off and rose colored glasses come off you see a side of the other person that you don’t like so much. Your approach to dating should be finding someone who you can stand being with for a long time, someone that you would want to forgive if they did something that hurt you badly.

•The local pub works only maybe 1% of the time. It is very rare to meet people who fell in love after they met at the local pub. Because it is local. If you meet them there they are from your neighborhood and you already know them. The only reason you are finding them attractive is the dim lighting and the booze. If you are looking for a real relationship cast a wider net.

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