Dating Advice for Men Who Want to Keep their Women

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1st date issuesSo you arrived early for the date, everything is set and she walks in flowing with beauty and glam. The first 10 minutes go so well and you seem to get her laughing at every joke. Then the dreadful happens you reach out and dig for gold in your right nostril. Everything stops, she drops her folk and grimaces, and you don’t know why. What you do not know, you just ruined a perfect date by doing what men should not do in front of women. And there is more where this came from.

Crotch Grabbing

If you have a warts invasion, see a doctor and get prescribed to some medication. Grabbing your crotch in public is a huge taboo, and it definitely would not go well with the lass you are trying to impress. It comes out as sheer carelessness and an obscene suggestion to the female, despite how innocent and involuntary you deem it. Avoid it, wear handcuffs to the date if you have to but steer clear of the south.

Eying another Female

Common sense should tell you this is just wrong. If you are with her on a date, it means you found her pretty and interesting in the first place. So what business do you have ogling the beauty that just walked in with her date as well? As a bit of dating advice for men, letting your eyes wander just shows how much of a womanizer you are.

Blatant Belching

Burping out loud like Shrek doesn’t make you a man. Well, it does stroke your ego when you are with the boys, but this is something the female doesn’t have to know about. Although you may feel the occasional temptation to launch the throat missile, you will have to forget about it if you have plans to keep the girl.

Being a Cry Baby

Whining about your previous breakup, and how you were not treated right. It is good to shed some light on some of your darkest past, but going on and on like you want to be rocked to sleep does not work. It makes you look childish and cannot handle your business like a man.

Do you now see why that date did not go well?

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