Dating Advice for Women: The Four Deadly Sins to Avoid on Your First Date

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dating advice for successful womenYou walk into a bar and you immediately notice them. That brooding bevy of beauties sitting at a strategic point in the bar gold chains and earrings all over, the latest smartphone gadgets, very expensive looks, and the loudest voices of all. One other thing you would notice too is not only the expensive manicure, but also the lack of engagement or wedding rings. Which begs the question, what really is lacking in their personality for them to bag a decent a guy?

Here is some dating advice for women who are successful but single, and wonder the heck why?

The Overpowering Lass

So you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company on Wall Street, which in your nature compels you to order people around often and bark orders when things don’t go right. But when you enter the dating scene, you are no CEO anymore in fact no man cares. All the man wants is a decent, funny and hearty conversation the slightest hint that you are trying to control his every response, dominating the talk, or just showing off your intellectual accomplishments will just put him off.

Love Don’t Matter

So many smart women are coincidentally career women. They dedicate their lives to their work, have less time for friends and never dream of prince charming sweeping them off their feet. This is where you go wrong life is more than the flashy car, bankrolls or accolades. If you cannot stop and smell the flowers, you will definitely find yourself sitting in table of ladies all successful, but no interesting story of a man or family on their side.

You Think Too Much

You analyze every bit of detail on the date that you leave him thinking you are a freak. Does he like me? Did he find that joke funny? Does he see how smart I am? Why did he approach me in the first place? A simple dating advice for women stop it, enjoy the moment, and if you liked his company then see him again.

Hiding the Female Inside

If your mind is too focused on your CEO position, you can bet that you forgot how to swing your hips, roll your eyes when you laugh, curve your lip suggestively, or blush at every compliment he throws about your face. Bottom line, you stopped being a girl and men want the girl not the CEO.

These are just a few of the dating sins women commit on the first day and end up alone and miserable in life. How many of the four are you guilty of?

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