Dating Advice: Is Dating Today Harder Than Ever Before?

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couple datingI met a guy not too long ago that made me wish for the good old days when couples were betrothed from birth. I wasn’t even that interested, but when he asked me out I said to myself, why not, he is handsome and he sounds interesting and funny. And he was all that. We went on our first date and we had a great time. We ate, we talked, we laughed and I could see that he felt quite comfortable with me. So much so, in fact, that after a couple of days he called me back and wanted to go on a second date. It was a repeat of the first if not better.

Then he didn’t call after that. I waited three days then I decided to text it has been known to happen, you know, hit by a truck and laying on a slab in the morgue and all that only I wish. He was so alive and well that he could only reply to my text in monosyllables. I had to find out what had frosted this guy over like that after just two great dates. I dug for information maybe he had a girlfriend, a wife, lived with his mother, throw me something!

Try as I might all I could find out was that he was, like me, very single, had his own place and as far as everyone who knew him could tell, he was just a regular Joe. And then I got to thinking this is happening too often to be a coincidence. Not just to me but to my friends and even relatives. I refuse to believe that someone could like you for two dates and then throw all that away in the hope of meeting and wooing The Hottest Woman on Earth. We are like our ancestors if history is right, not more than 5 decades ago, all it took to settle down was steadfastness and parental approval. In today’s world potential partners look for dating advice either informally or on a professional level through counseling.

Are we all looking for too much? Are we so incomplete in ourselves that we are looking for someone larger than life to come in and fill the void? Are you sure you want to let the next great catch get away?

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