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advice on dating for couplesIntroduction

Dating and relationships are part of life. In today’s world, dating is not as rigid as it used to be, this has helped in enhancing spontaneity and has brought diversity into dating partners and their activities. There is a lot of information on dating advice both in the books and on social media.

First Date

Partners who are planning to have their date for the first time should be very keen on these first date tips.

They should have a plan about it – it is not advisable to hold the first date without a plan or a few first date ideas. A plan on where to hold the date, how much money they are willing to spend, what to wear on a first date and how to get to the venue of the date. On the day of the date, they should dress nicely and be generally neat. Men should wear nice pants either khaki or nice jeans and women should wear clothes that flatter their body. Punctuality also matters a lot on the first date.

On The Date Itself

During the date, partners should devote all attention to it. They should not make fun of each other, get drunk or be very pushy when they try to know each other well. They should also show respect to each other and say thank you when nice things are done to them. To learn more on what to do and what not to do, a lot of relationship advice is required.  Each person should know what to talk about on a first date or even have questions to ask on a first date. To get the most out of your first date you can come prepared with 21 questions to ask the guy you like so that you can get to know more about him as well as an indication on if a second date would make sense if at all.

Once the first date is over and successful don’t forget to gather second date ideas so that you will be ready for the next step.

Online Dating

Despite real world dating, the internet has become an important dating tool. Online dating advice is required for this form of dating. The following are basic dating advice for men and women.

1.Dating partners should not give out personal information whether through email, chat rooms, messaging and so on.

2. They should also avoid lying about appearance and age. This is because they will finally get to know each other physically.

3.Partners should be very tactful and careful.

4.They should not believe everything they are reading. It could be a child or a person of the same gender writing.

Online Dating Etiquette

Dating advice on online dating etiquette is important during the dating period. Here are some dos and don’ts or even answers to dating questions;

1.Respectful words should be used by the dating partners.

2.They should also try to avoid lying about their accomplishments during dating. This comes out clear later.

3.When writing to one another, partners should avoid capital letters because it could be translated to mean “shouting”.


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