Did you know losing weight could cause marriage problems?

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ExcerciseIf you are trying to lose weight, you may want to reconsider if you want to save your marriage! Believe it or not, when one partner loses a significant amount of weight, marriage problems often ensue – to the point of divorce in the most extreme cases.

There’s even a word for it – it’s called a ‘bariatric divorce’ and it happens more than you might imagine. But why is this the case?

Lose weight; lose a spouse?

Losing a lot of weight is a life-changing experience. First of all, losing lots of weight can transform a person both literally and figuratively. As the pounds melt away, that overweight, shy individual might actually blossom into an outgoing, fun-loving person, if they weren’t already. This can be a shock to the partner.

Secondly, extreme weight loss can be expensive depending on how it’s done. And we all know that one of the most common marriage problems is money. Throwing down thousands of dollars on a gym membership, personal training, new exercise clothes, and healthier foods might put an additional financial strain on a marriage.

Why does this happen?

Lots of marriages actually flourish when one spouse loses weight. This could be due to a newfound attraction for both parties. The one losing the weight may now feel sexier and more attractive – and their partner may definitely notice. But, while many marriages grow from weight loss, others fizzle out.

A common concern from many partners when their spouse is undergoing a significant weight adjustment is whether or not their beloved will leave them once they have a new body. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a whole lot of data either way. There may be clues in the quality of marriage before the dieting, exercise, and weight loss routines. If the marriage is strong, weight loss may not matter. If it isn’t, the couple may see problems later on down the road.

How to handle this problem?

So, what’s a couple to do to combat this issue? The first thing is to stay open and honest about your concerns. This is good advice regardless of the situation – couples should always keep the lines of communication open. It also helps to incorporate the fitness routine into the ways you spend time together. Don’t alienate each other and your marriage may just stay on track – and you’ll be healthier and skinnier for it!

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