Do marriage retreats really work?

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Beach 4So you watched the movie ‘Couples Retreat’ and are now thinking that you might need to put the spark back into your marriage. But do marriage retreats really work?

Well, they actually might…

A marriage on the rocks isn’t pleasant. After years together, you may find yourselves divided on a number of things: you like to talk things out while she likes to shut down; he’s a Type-A control freak and you’re a laid-back bohemian or you both have careers and very little time for each other. But once upon a time you gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes, desired each other, and talked the night away. What happened?

Life got in the way.

But a marriage retreat might actually be just the thing you need to recapture a stronger sense of intimacy between the two of you. So, take a deep breath and jump right in!

Come on in, the water’s fine

An organized marriage retreat is more like a year’s worth of marriage counseling in one quick weekend. Some people think they’re for quacks and others swear by them. But the thing is, they can help you reconnect, if not simply by seeing that you aren’t alone. Most marriage retreats involve a small group of couples that are there to share their challenges and work through the issues while enjoying some time away.

On a marriage retreat, you will take the time to learn more about each other – and yourselves. There are a number of exercises designed to bring you closer together and learn to focus on each other. In fact, there might even be some rules about avoiding television, computers, and phones. Eliminate the distractions and pay attention to each other – it can go a long way.

Refreshing the relationship

On a marriage retreat, chances are you’ll probably work a little bit on communication as well. This can even help you let go of resentment – resentment you might not even know you’re holding onto! Just remember, in order to refresh your relationship, it will take a series of small steps for big changes. Here are some quick reminders on how to accomplish this – even if you aren’t on a marriage retreat:

  • Have date night once a week where you can have fun, talk about the relationship, and just reconnect.
  • Do something super-romantic every once in a while. Send a love letter in the mail or have a candlelit dinner.
  • Start laughing more. If you enjoy each other’s company, things will start looking up.
  • Don’t skip sex – even if you have to schedule it!

So, if you’re marriage needs a little help, a marriage retreat might just be the thing to get you back on track. Let us know how you get on, or if you’ve had an experience of one already, we’d love to hear your stories.


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