Emotional Power Hidden in The Five Love Languages

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5 love languagesThe Five love languages

Being a Husband, a father and a marriage counselor for more than thirty years, I believe there exists five love languages for each couple. They represent the five ways in which a partner can express love emotionally. My office is full of clients seeking advice on how to have the cohesion in marriage tight, checking my website will just offer you the best experience in the five love languages. As a counselor and a husband, I have learnt that each partner has a primary love language that one must apply if they want to make the other person feel cared for and loved.

One among the five love languages is words of affirmation. One day my wife was sick and I decided to go down wash her clothes and clean the dishes. Later on in the evening I found a note on the table reading” I appreciate your care and love darling” Yes, I felt great. My office is always full of couples complaining that their partner does not appreciate any single thing done in the house. My advice is, every appreciative word to your partner draws him or her closer.

Secondly, acts of service. In the world we live today actions speaks more than words. For most of the people acting in love shows how much you love or adore your partner. Therefore, each and every person must learn how to treat his or her partner with small actions of service to show love. For just washing dishes for my wife she felt loved and cared for.

Since the world came into being, giving gifts have always been seen as a way of expressing love. According to studies, gift giving can be described as a universal thing within the human psyche that creates and emotional attachment between the couples. Offering small things to your partner means a lot to him or her if her primary love language is giving or receiving gifts.

If your partner’s primary love language is having quality time with you, kindly offer her or him your full time attention. You can achieve this by watching TV together, reading magazines together or just having a table talk together. Just having her full attention will make her feel emotionally loved and appreciated. If for instance you are busy doing something else and s/he engages in a conversation spare few minutes for the partner.

Lastly, physical touch between couples carries with it a strong emotional power. That’s one of the reason we pick up crying kids and touch them smoothly.

Does every successful relationship rely on these five love languages?

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