Fun questions for couples: Movie date night, anyone?

0 UGxlbmthMzguanBnRemember the films Memento and Groundhog Day? Lots of filmmakers try to upstage these great flicks, but most of them fail. According to critics, Nicole Kidman’s latest thriller based on amnesia might be something you’ll want to soon forget.

Before I Go To Sleep, which is based on the novel of the same name, follows a wealthy Englishwoman played by Kidman who suffers from psychogenic amnesia. That means she can remember things throughout the day, but once she goes to sleep, she forgets everything and must start fresh in the morning.

The movie’s premise inspires a fun question for couples: after years of coupledom, how do you still date each other and keep things fresh and new? Many critics have panned this movie for its lack of nuance and surprise, so you might not want to see Before I Go To Sleep if you want a date to remember!

Recreating the magic after years together

If you’ve been with your significant other for a while, it is more important than ever to keep that spark alive. This is especially true if you have a couple of kids. Let’s play the “fun questions for couples” game. How will you make dinner and a movie night something unique?

First of all, this date night should get you away from your daily life. This doesn’t mean you can’t order take-out and watch a DVD, but it does mean it should be just the two of you. Get a babysitter to swing by and take the kids out while you stay in, or do things the other way around. The two of you should be completely alone. It’s a night to rediscover each other, chat, laugh, and remember what it is you like about each other!

A nice trick to make dinner and a movie night more exciting is to match the menu to the movie. Did your husband rent a Kung-Fu action-packed adventure? Order some Chinese. Are you going to see the latest Italian melodrama? Stop at your favorite Italian restaurant on the way to the theatre and share a bowl of spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp style!

Thinking outside the box

Another twist on the tried-and-true dinner and a movie date is brunch and a matinee. Who said you have to date at night? Some of your local restaurants might be expensive at night but offer affordable deals for brunch, so why not check those out and then hit the movies afterward?

The secret is to have fun, but remember, you might want to avoid any movies that involve rich English women, amnesia, and sleeping!

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