Funny questions for couples: can coffee make a date better?

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Coffee granulesEarlier this week, the U.S. celebrated National Coffee Day thanks to the almost 2 billion cups of Joe consumed every day the world over. Even if you love your morning cup of coffee, you probably don’t know anymore about it than how you like it. Here are some quick facts you might find interesting:

  • Coffee is 98% water.
  • Coffee grows on trees and the fruit is called a cherry.
  • The appealing aroma you love so much actually comes from a cockroach pheromone.
  • In the 1700s, coffee addiction was considered a social problem.

Now that you know these fun facts about coffee, we’ve got a funny question for couples: Can coffee actually make a date better?

The ubiquitous coffee date

“Why don’t we go out for coffee sometime?”

It’s a question many of us have asked or have been asked by a potential romantic partner. And, as much as the world loves its coffee, there are plenty of people out there that dread the “coffee date.” But, why is this? Going out for coffee is a quick and easy – and inexpensive – way to spend some time with someone you’re interested in. However, these coffee dates aren’t always successful.

If you’re wondering how to make a great first impression – and take that coffee date onto bigger and better things, read on. Here are some great dating tips:

  • Remember, when you meet up for coffee, it’s just coffee or hot chocolate or whatever healthy drink you prefer! So, be as laid back as possible. Sure, a first date can be nerve-wracking, but just remember, it’s a fun date – so enjoy yourself!
  • Go somewhere good. If you’re the one suggesting the event, be sure to scope out the location ahead of time – or just pick a place you know and love. For the most fun on a first date, go to a place that isn’t too crowded and quiet.
  • Be on time. It’s just plain rude to show up late – so don’t do it. You only get one chance to make this first impression. If you get there a little early, try and grab a table in the corner with comfortable seats so that you can just enjoy the time.
  • Order what you like. If you have a certain way you like your coffee or smoothie, go for it. Don’t try and modify your order to match your date’s or order something you normally wouldn’t consume. Remember, it’s not what you order but how you do it that makes a difference.

So, once you’ve finished your drink and have decided you’d like to have another date, go ahead and suggest it! Next time, maybe dinner would do nicely!


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