Love Quizzes: How Much Should They Guide Your Relationship?

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Love TestLove Quizzes: How Much Should They Guide Your Relationship?

Most dating and marriage websites and even magazines will usually invite you to do a quiz. They promise that if you answer all the questions you will find out what kind of a lover you are, what kind of a lover your spouse or partner is, what makes you happy and so on. The truth is that these quizzes are fun and can be an interesting way to pass time but they are just that. Never use them to judge your relationship or as a guide for change.

Why you should not be guided by love quizzes?

Would you make the most important decisions of your life based on a horoscope? Would you skip a job offer, for instance, because your star has foretold of some coming misfortune? Hardly not. Most of us dismiss horoscopes because we know that although they can be fun they are not a compass that we wish to follow when it comes to real stuff. The same goes for love quizzes letting them guide your relationship is like letting the horoscope guide your life. Love quizzes are not always scientific they are based on someones notion of what love should be. They sometimes do not take into account the regular ‘Joes’ like you and me. They are not based on reality. If you let your relationship be dictated by a quiz you are putting too many expectations into it. That can only end in failure?

What should guide you?

This is a great question. You should seek real knowledge when it comes to relationships. Look for information from experts who have conducted scientific studies about how different kinds of people get along when they are in a relationship. On top of that, there is no better way to know your spouse than to actually spend time with them. Be honest with one another about what you expect and what each of you can realistically bring to the relationship. You should also know when to let your partner have their way a wise man said that wisdom is knowing which fights to pick and which ones to let slide.

Have you been wise about your relationship today?

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