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love quiz helping couplesQuestion: I’m a 27 year old young woman. My problem is that I’m not at all a social person. I’m pretty good with interacting face to face, but can leave a pretty good impact on people through my written communication skills. Do you think it is much easier to find a date through online dating sites for introverts like me? Are these sites safe and what is the rate of success? Please guide! – Amanda Hadley, Orange County

Answer: This has become a pretty common topic of discussion these days. Even if people are not introvert, they don’t find time to socialize and thus, look forward to try their luck through dating websites. The trend for dating online is growing day by day and there will be a time, when you’ll find 80% of couples who would have met through some or the other social networking sites.

Earlier, people were forced to make themselves socially available in order to find a date. Finding a suitable match meant meeting people over and over again whom you or your friends might know socially. Well, today we live in a technologically advanced age where everything can be accessed with just a few clicks. In a matter of seconds you can meet millions of people from different regions, cultures and countries.

Online dating services have become a revolution in the category of dating and relationships. However, even today many people find themselves confused about the fact whether dating someone online you have never met is a good idea or not. In this article, we have tried to talk about both negative as well as positive aspects of online dating.

As far as your case is concerned, you can first take our love quiz to determine the intensity of your introverts and how you can cope up. This love quiz will help you understand whether you should look for date online or not. Besides that, let’s explore some good and bad points of online dating to help you get better insight.

The Good: This is the most convenient way to find a partner. You not only get access to profiles of millions of people from different countries and regions, but get to talk to them as per your convenience. No one can force you to talk to him if you are not willing to. So, if you think the last person you had a chat with, is not at all suitable for any kind of relationship, then you always have the option to stop talking to him/her.

Another benefit of considering online dating is that it helps you to eliminate all the extra time and money that you may have otherwise spent in order to find the right mate. These sites have a developed and integrated system to find the perfect match for you. They do a lot of screening for you so you get to meet only right people. You can easily reject any profile that you don’t like or block the person who seems unacceptable to you. The basic point is that the control to accept and reject lay completely in your hands.

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The Bad: The sad part of online dating is that you have no idea how the person on the other end looks like in real. The pictures can be morphed, photo-shopped, or edited to make them look appealing. In short, the reality is much different than your idea of virtual reality. The person can give you false representation of his looks and appearance and you have no choice but to accept it. You might find a guy who is good to talk to, but you never know who’s actually talking behind it. Some people may not even be looking for a mate. They are just here to have some fun and action. Well, in order to make sure you get to meet right people it is necessary to have your own process of identification and filtering. If you are not sure about what kind of person you should date, take out love quiz to explore more about it.

Everything in this world comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. So, it is not relevant to pass any specific judgement on online dating services. However, it is one of the most popular way to find a date or meet people, which demand careful understanding of the concept.

Whether you’re just looking for a serious relationship, casual friendship, sexual mates or a soul mate, these sites have everything to offer. You just need to be careful while choosing an online dating service. There is no doubt that with all the popular dating sites today, meeting people have become a lot easier than before. Of course, you need to put a lot of common sense to make sure you don’t become a victim of someone who is not suitable in any respect.

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