Marriage Retreat: How to Plan a Memorable Weekend Getaway

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Weekend Marriage Retreat
Weekend Marriage Retreat

No matter how perfect you might find your marriage to be, marriage retreats should not be over looked or seen as a necessity for couples who only have issues in their relationship. This retreat can be the best place to rekindle that bright burning flame that once drove you to your now spouse, like a moth to a flame. This can as well be seen as an ideal place to get to know and understand your spouse even more, increasing the love and adoration between the two of you.

Planning marriage retreats may seem like such a daunting task, but the benefits that come with it will certainly make you find it worthy. You will need to schedule in various activities and or workshops coupled with various guest speakers. Here are some tips to guide you when planning a retreat.


A good retreat should be situated in a place that is peaceful, exciting and free from the normal disturbances in your day-to-day life such as air and noise pollution. The setting should thus be tranquil. This setting can be from various places such as resorts or campsites. In the event of resorts, the couples can sleep in the rooms provided and the scheduled activities take place in the conference rooms.


These retreats are where the couples come to be advised and even rehabilitated by therapists in the event that there be shaky marriages. This will thus form a need to look for a speaker that is well equipped to handle the issues that you plan to bring out in the activity sessions.


This is not a necessity during the retreat, but is however, advised. Music tends to calm people, as is popularly praised as food for the soul. Low soft and romantic music in the evenings will go a very long way in bringing the couples closer to each other. This is especially so if the setting is a romantic sunset in the evening as is found in the wilderness for those camping. Music during the retreat can be in the form of records that you can play aloud for the couples or hire a professional musician who can belt out some soft romantic tunes for the couples to dance to in the evenings.

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