Meet Angie & Ronnie – Part 2

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Angie: So, has it always been smooth sailing in our relationship?
Ron: No, there was definitely not always smooth sailing, I think there was a bit of ‘baggage handling’?
Angie: That we had to deal with after we had gotten married. I remember those early days. It was a transition from being courted to being married and I do remember actually reading a book about it and that was one of the things that got me through that time where you switched into that mode of being head of a household and shouldering the responsibilities kind of a thing and so it’s kind of pushing in terms of getting work done and it took a bit of getting used to.
Ron: I also think that the question of juggling family life, work and school was always one and the same.
Angie: Yeah, that to…
Ron: Has its own unique set of challenges. And so sometimes it was a struggle to deal with home and us, rather than dealing with somebody else.
Angie: I think part of what was happening was that you, I think, I mean I might be assuming but it was something of having, okay so you gotten used to our relationship, you know it was solid and so it was okay.
Ron: Are you saying I was taking you for granted?
Angie: I think I had said that to you in the early days.
Ron: I am sure I did not like it.
Angie: It seems like you still don’t, chuckles. I don’t think it was a case of deliberately taking me for granted and when I say that I mean that you thought in your actions you were doing the right by me because you wanted to make sure that you were taking care of your responsibilities outside the home, you know the job responsibilities and making a name for yourself.
Ron: Thank you very much I could not come up with a better excuse.
Angie: Yeah, I’m here for you honey I got your back. Chuckles. Do you remember when you knew that you wanted to marry me? Do you remember knowing that point when I was ‘The One’?
Ron: Sigh, did I know when?
Angie: I think you said to me at some point that the day you were proposing to me that you were not even sure, I’m not sure if the uncertainty was whether I was the one or whether I would want to be the one. Chuckles
Ron: Well, I think the issue was not about my certainty I was sure what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be with it was a question whether that individual felt, whether it was a mutual kind of feeling.
Angie: After all that time Ron?
Ron: Yes

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Angie: I know, there were ups and downs even before, right?
Ron: Yes
Angie: I do remember the first time, so it was a case of actually considering that you could be the one. And here’s what I mean, so I remember teasing from friends of mine about, you know, you and they saw your apparent attentions and I said “no it’s nothing, he is a friend of my family” and you know we go way back and they said no it is more than that you don’t see that way he looks at you? And I just thought, no. Then I remember there was one Sunday that I was going from where we were living in Barataria to the market in Tunapuna, I think I was going to Pennywise and you were there in Curepe and I saw you standing there and I thought, ah! He really does look good. I know, I know it should not be that appearance thing but it was this sense of seeing you as it were for the first time like somebody aside from a family friend that I knew.
Ron: Yeah, but further along the road.
Angie: You mean as in that firm, firm ‘he is the One’ kind of a thing?
Ron: So you know, remember when in ’80.
Angie: Come forward. Chuckles.
Ron: Okay, so yeah, Umm.. remember in 1997?
Angie: What of it? I remember before you left that we had an outing we went to Mount St. Benedict. It was a really nice evening together, we sang, remember we sang, ‘Free as a Bird’? and you sang ‘Beulah Land’ too?
Ron: Okay!
Angie: Oh yeah, sorry. I remember, you know what the thought was at that point? The sense that you may go away and that you may never come back. I think that was really the beginning, okay, can I live without … Am I okay with not having… the possibility of not having you in my life? I do remember thinking that for sure I don’t think it’s something I was comfortable with.
Ron: Well it did not cross my mind.
Angie: You mean after all of this, I poured out my soul and it did not cross your mind then.
Ron: No.

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