Modern Day Family and Couple Counseling Techniques

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couples counselingTwo months ago, Jennifer, 28 experienced increased conflict and misunderstanding in her newly wedded marriage. She felt totally dissatisfied and felt the relationship was going down the drains. Before getting married Jennifer was working as a work at home mom while her husband David was a bank manager in a nearby city. The trend continued even after they settled down together, Jeniffer would struggle with her online work plus the baby boy while David just sat on the coach watching movies.

One Saturday morning the Laundry lady knocked on the door but David did not take a step what was happening outside. He continued watching the movie for 3 hours while the lady stood outside waiting to get help. This made Jennifer so furious that she wanted a divorce, but David was strong and still wanting to keep the relationship live.

Couple counseling is very important as it helps partners talk through their problems. This would be facilitated by a professional counselor. Couples counseling helps in creating the understanding needed between partners. In our case, David is an African American and his culture does not allow him to consult any family matters to a third party. Due to his culture, Jennifer booked an online counselor who advised them through a web enabled chat. The counseling took about an hour and after the session Jennifer and David were in good terms.

During couples counseling, it always advisable to have each partner air out his/her grievances so as to get understanding. The counselor involved in any couples counseling sessions ensures that the conversation is calm and civilized. Counselors offers the best environment for couples or partners to discuss their marital issues openly.

During Jeniffer’s and David’s Couple counseling session, the counselor took neither side, but kept listening as the couple discussed their issues. She mainly acted as a facilitator to help give the discussion a direction to achieving the intended objective. After, the first session Jennifer had stated rebuilding her love and appreciation for David once again. The session took place for a whole week before the couple went to sleep. David regained his love for Jennifer within the second day. The couple is now living happily after the six week session of online counseling that was performed on them.

From experience, each relationship needs to contact a couple counseling professional to help guide or avert any crisis that arises in marriage. Couple counseling is recommended for each and every relationship for smooth sailing.

Do couples really know how to get couple counseling?

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