Premarital Advice: Love at First Sight Made Me a Full Time Bachelor

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premarital advice for new couplesWhy a Premarital check list will help have a successful Marriage.

My wife and I began dating from the age of thirteen. We enjoyed every bit of the relation, we lived in our world, a world full of imagination and experiments. We planned to have the best in our marriage and get the best honeymoon in the famous Riviera Maya white sand beach. But the worst occurred, she conceived. Our dreams turned round to looking at our baby boy. But we made the worst decision ever, not following the premarital advice offered to us by the church group. Later on, we divorced, we now live in separate cities within Mexico.

Almost all young adults admire getting married but they do not have what it takes to have a stable marriage. They are also frightened by the alarming divorce rates happening daily. To have a lifelong and healthy marriage, each young adult must recheck on the checklist offered by premarital advice scholars.

I have attended various premarital advice meetings and counseling sessions and here is what I have learned;

Couple who get married while still in their teen years have a high probability of divorcing in later years of their marriage. Secondly, education plays a major role in determining divorce rates among couples, educated couples are less likely to divorce than the uneducated. I pity my decision since I married before getting into the university.

Having married at the age of thirteen, I never knew the life goals and values of my wife (Jennifer). I began the journey of life with a stranger that led to miserable life I am living today. It very important to learn life goals and values of your partner before settling down. To avoid frustration in your marriage it’s better to consult a marriage adviser.

I met Jennifer in a school dance party, I hardly knew her well, but we immediately fell in love. That is one of the biggest a problem many couples make. To have the best marriage, couples must ensure they date exclusively and steadily in order to learn and understand each other. Love at first sight is good but can be harmful at some point. I stand as a good example of failed love at first sight.

That leaves with the question, does love at first sight still work?

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