Premarital Advice that You need to Know Before You Say, I Do

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premarital tipsThe day you say I do is the day you give yourself wholly to the man or woman you love. You are dedicating yourself to a lifetime of smiling at everything they do right and putting up with whatever faults they have. Like Denzel says in The Equalizer, You Pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. The big question is, are you ready to stay in marriage for better or for worse?

Learn Your Partners Faults

On our first dates, we put on a show to impress the opposite sex. When we start courting, this slowly starts fading away and once in a while the devil inside slips out. As a premarital advice, it is important to first date someone to learn their flaws. It is always said, learn the small flaw in someone, multiply that by ten, and you will know the kind of person they can be in marriage.

Money Issues

In this economy times, everyone is conscious about the dollar. Money issues will always creep up a relationship as early as the dating stage. How you best handle money talk as boyfriend and girlfriend will determine your life as a couple. If your partner has a spending problem, there is no way that will go away once you are married you have to deal with it first.


Here is another sound premarital advice for every couple out there technology can make or break a relationship. If your idea of quality time is sitting cuddled next to your man while updating your Facebook or chatting crazy on twitter, there are rocks ahead you will definitely hit as you sail. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets should never go to the bedroom or come out on a date. If you still don’t see the picture, go watch the video ‘Look Up’ on YouTube.

Career Paths

What are your dreams and ambitions in life? What career is your spouse to be in? Are you comfortable with the constant traveling that will keep them away from home? Will you be okay with them working late hours and sometimes having to sleep out on assignments?

After going through this premarital advice, do you still feel ready to get married?

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