Questions for Couples: A Fun Way to get to Know More about Your Partner

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couples questions to ask your partnerIt is relatively common knowledge that men never want to talk about their feelings and emotions. They consider it weak and feminine. Probably you have heard one of your male cohorts make fun of another guy for being too emotional? This issue has for the longest time been a constant concern for women as they do not know how to get their male counterparts to open up to them.

Why Men find it Hard to Express Themselves

This issue has even been brought out by a well-known rap artist, ‘Curtis ‘50cent’ Jackson, who is seen as a ‘gangster rapper’ in the eyes of the rap community. His hit song ’21 questions’ brought a rather softer side of the male fraternity, as he is the one asking the proverbial 21 questions from his girlfriend. For most men, it is not that they do not experience these emotions or have these feelings; it is just that they do not know how to express themselves, as is the case with some women.

Make the Questions Fun

You should thus find clever ways to make your partner open up to you, a way that will not make him feel barraged with questions like an interrogation. Make the session fun for both you, to ease up yourselves so that you can be fully attentive and open to your partner. The person asking the questions can pretend to be a popular TV show host from ‘Questions For Couples’ and ask his or her ‘guest’ questions about himself, his or her partner and their relationship in general. You can even make the game more interesting by choosing to award the ‘guest’ with prizes for the answers he or she gets right about the other partner.

Sample Couples Questions

Here are some of the questions for couples that you can decide to include in your own version of the ’21 questions game’:

1. Do you remember the first time you actually ‘saw’ me and if so when?

2. Before we ever got in to a relationship, was there at any point you disliked me?

3. How would you describe us to someone?

4. What is the first memory you have of your childhood?

5. Describe yourself

6. Describe me to someone

If those are not enough here are 21 more questions to ask a guy when playing the 21 questions game.

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