Questions for Couples Before They Commit to Marriage

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Wedding Couple Questions
Wedding Couple Questions

Marriage is supposed to last for life but looking at divorce rates, it becomes rather apparent that we don’t prepare well enough for it. Clearly, it isn’t enough just to be in love with someone. You have to ask yourselves some tough questions before you can commit to marriage. This article is by no means a comprehensive list of questions for couples to help them prepare for marriage but it is an example of the kind of considerations they should ask each other and themselves.

Do you believe that it is okay to disagree when you are married?

This is a very important question because disagreement is natural in any relationship. The problem is that many people come together in relationships and marriage expecting that the other person will always agree with them. When this doesn’t happen communication breaks down and rifts begin to form.

How much are we going to allow finances to affect our relationships?

Money is one of the most common reason for couples breaking up. It shouldn’t be. You have to have a very frank discussion before you get married on just how you will handle things if and when you should ever be short of money. You must agree on a plan to save that you adhere to strictly so that if you are ever short you have a fallback plan.

If you ever have a conflict, do you want to use a mediator?

You need to agree on a mutual person that you can both go to in case you feel like things are not working out. This, ideally, should be someone who has been married in the long term and who is not interested in taking sides. It can be a relative of one of you, a mutual friend or even a leader in the community who is interested in your marriage succeeding in the long term. A mediator can save your marriage.

What happens should one of you ever stray?

Infidelity is a big problem in marriage; spouses just cannot seem to cope with the fact that it is human to stray. Are you prepared to forgive each other for first time offenses and what happens in the event that one of you is unfaithful more than once?

If you are only starting on the journey of love and you are going on your first date or even if you are already in a relationship which you are hoping to build a firm foundation then here are twenty-one questions to ask a guy you like to help you build a stronger relationship with your significant other.

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