Romantic Questions for Couples: Rekindling Fire between You

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Have you ever seen a long-married couple sitting silently at their anniversary table? Yes it happens. The sparks do die down at some point and sometimes things can get awkward or disastrous. But any romantic couple would know the best way to engage each other, which boils down to the kind of questions they ask each other. But it doesn’t have to sound like a drill. Here are some romantic questions for couples that will not only get a conversation going, but also rekindle the love.

1) What Did You Think of Me the First Time?

This is an easy question that would spark an immediate response from your partner. You can expect lots of goofy responses that will make both of you laugh hard. However, be also sensitive to your partner and not say something that will raise a frown or suspicious brow. Given you have been together for some time, you definitely know what makes your partner tick so you can easily keep off the landmines as you give responses.

2) What is Your Most Proud Moment?

Every person on earth has that moment of bliss when they have achieved something huge. This allows both partners to glow with excitement as they give an account of the biggest achievement they made. It could be winning a lottery, making their first million dollars, successfully buying a house or even marrying the love of their live!

3) What is Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Another good question to get both of you cracked up. Maybe your husband was once arrested, drunk driving, half naked on a highway. Or your fiance could have tripped and fell in the school canteen while eying her crush. Maybe that embarrassing moment was the one that brought you two together, but didn’t realize it.

4) What Do You Cherish about Me?

This is a big chance to use all the adjectives in the world to describe how amazing your partner is. Give her the full details of what attracted you to them, what made you know they are the right one, and what you like about them that made you stay in the relationship.

Here are some more romantic questions for couples.

So, do you have an excuse now of not having anything to talk about on your anniversary date?

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