Turning the clocks back on relationship advice

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Clock - Time WarpDespite the crackle of magic in the air around Halloween, lots of people despise this time of year because it also means the end of daylight saving time is inevitable. We fall back by turning the clocks back an hour on November 2nd this year, and the days will start to get shorter.

Scientists might soon be sharing in the opinion of the general public. Studies have actually shown that daylight saving time might be better for our health because the longer days encourage more physical activity. As a result, these researchers are pushing for a permanent shift toward daylight saving time. We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, many of us wish we could turn the clocks back on our relationships or even start over with the ones we love. What if we take this one step further and consider relationship advice from the “olden days”?

Relationships have changed over the years. Divorce rates are up. Blended families are the norm. What has changed since the days our grandparents got married? How can we maintain our relationships for decades upon decades?

Old-fashioned relationship advice

If you want to try to renew a struggling relationship, perhaps you should take a look at relationship advice from days past. Consider this:

  • Forget the agenda and spend time together for the sake of spending time together. Put the laptop away, turn off the smartphone, and just enjoy each other’s company the old-fashioned way. Make a cup of tea and share a genuine laugh, a good conversation, and a snuggle.
  • When you’re present, one of the easiest ways to let someone know you really care and value them is to listen whole-heartedly without anticipation of the next big thing. Pay attention. Your loved ones are what mean the most to you, so show them how much.
  • Always tell the truth. It has gotten easier and easier to lie and deliver half-truths to the ones you love. Just stop it. Go back to basics and tell the truth. Relationships based on lies are never successful.
  • Work out your problems with each other, not the rest of the world. Keep your private affairs off of social media and don’t run to your friends every time you have an argument. Instead, keep the lines of communication open and don’t let outside influences damage your bond.

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