What Dating Advice Women Need to Know About Themselves

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Advice for Dating WomenEvery woman has a list of attributes and things that they expect their partners to meet. Sometimes people say that you should not keep a list but it is very important to have one. This is because before joining the dating scene; you should know exactly what you want. This helps you eliminate people who may potentially not be suited for you. Knowing the qualities that you are looking for makes you more decisive and helps you save time while pursuing your dating options.

Be Relaxed

It is important to have a relaxed attitude when it comes to dating. Taking it too seriously may result in you moping on your couch and getting sad about things that you cannot control. Being relaxed helps you get over the hang ups of dating quickly. If you go out and he does not call you back, shake it off and move on. Maybe it just was not meant to be and you can give another person the opportunity by putting yourself out there.

Be Yourself

It is important to maintain who you are and not give your interest up for a guy. If you meet a great guy and get into a new relationship with him, it will make you much more desirable if you have versatile interests and hobbies. Do not lose yourself in him, maintain all your past friendships and interests. This will help keep you grounded and will make you a more interesting person to be around.


You cannot change anything about another person, you can only accept who he is. Instead of trying to change something you do not like about your partner, you should try and accept them. If there is a trait you do not particularly like and cannot accept, then it is probably time to figure out how right they are for you.


Intuition is a sixth sense that you should appreciate and put to use. If you meet someone and your gut tells you something is not right, you should listen to it. People may appear to be something they are not so trust your gut and do not ignore any red flags you may see.

Do Not Make Assumptions

Be confident enough to ask him any questions that you may have about where your relationship stands. Making assumptions can lead to a lot of hurt because you may assume you are exclusive while to him you are not. So ask any questions and express exactly what you want.

The best piece of women centric dating advice I ever got was to remember that nobody is perfect so you need to be open to forgiveness.

What is the best dating advice focused on women you ever had?


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