When marriage problems lead to the war of divorce

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heart flowersUnfortunately, there are times when a couple’s marriage problems lead to divorce. For some people, getting a divorce is a quick and simple process, with a few signatures and some amicable good-byes. For others, it becomes a full-out war like we see in the celebrity gossip columns. But why is this?

For the most part, the public is pretty smitten with the idea of celebrities so it makes sense that there is a long-standing fascination with the lives of famous people – and everything that goes with it. Is there anything more captivating than a good courtroom drama?

What’s at stake?

When you ask a couple about their marriage problems, many times they will say that money tops the list. So, when a divorce is on the horizon and the family fortune is at stake, things can get a little crazy. Did you know that about 90% of all divorce cases actually settle before trial? Experts believe that this is because the stakes are so high. Going to trial is stressful and can only make the divorce proceedings even more painful.

If the threat of trial still looms with no hope of a settlement outside of court, many soon-to-be divorced couples seek top-notch attorneys. The key here is to find a litigator that is efficient, compelling, and has really solid negotiation skills.

Avoiding the war of divorce

If you don’t want to get a divorce, it is possible to save a marriage if both parties are willing to put in the work. After years of discontent, arguments, and unhappiness, many people want to just throw in the towel. But divorces aren’t always the only solution. There are some ways that you can try and avoid it in the first place.

Start by talking to your partner and really getting to the bottom of the issue. Is divorce really what you both want? If not, you could try marriage counseling as well as individual therapy. This is the time to clean up all of the old hurts, work on existing issues and look forward to a happier, more supportive future. You’ll also need to identify what might need to change.

Just remember, marriage is a partnership that requires both of you to talk, cooperate, compromise and work together for a positive end result. Sometimes, divorce is inevitable, but if you would prefer to stick together, you really need to buckle down and avoid that war!

What are your thoughts about divorce? Is it necessary?


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