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Did you ever notice that at some point in a new relationship couples tend to run out of questions that allow them to dig deeper to really get to know each other? This happened to me because my partner never wanted to have the heart to heart conversations and he will some how avoid them that was until I got my hands on 1000 questions for couples. There is a section called “romantic questions” which I saved on my iPhone. The setting was perfect as we were hanging out lying next to each other and I asked the first question which was “Can you think of a time in the past that you felt like giving up, but didn’t? Why did you choose otherwise?”.  His answer probably went on for an hour, it was full of drama and emotion. It was a true story about his life. I was in tears at the end of it.  These questions sure bring results pick up yours here.

Marriage comes with strings attached. Many marriages fail and end up in shreds because couples let themselves down from the get-go by failing to ask the grown-up questions that need to be asked before tying the knot.

Thinking over the challenges that go hand-in-hand with such a life-sized commitment is not a fruitless exercise. In fact, couples could save themselves a lot of heartache by taking some time out to ask themselves (and one another) the questions that matter – before throwing themselves down the gauntlet of matrimony. These types of questions can’t do any worse than help to strengthen any relationship.

A “question book” in hand is a helpful guiding light to help anyone get emotionally prepared before marriage. It puts things into perspective and makes it that much easier to ask the slippery questions that should be open to discussion.

Is Michael Webb’s “1000 Questions For Couples” such a shining beacon for anyone scheduled to walk down the aisle?

In my humble opinion, I would say YES! Unlike some question books that I have consulted, there is much less beating around the bush. It is casual, upfront and straight-to-the-point. There is no withholding any of the important bits and pieces that other books tend to cut back on.

In “1000 Questions For Couples pdf”, Webb has not fallen short of bringing together an all-inclusive mix of important questions – leaving nothing to the imagination. He takes up just about every single open issue that anyone should deal with before tying the knot. He leads us by the hand and takes us step-by-step as he helps us figure things out for ourselves.

Some of the Hard-hitting issues that are dealt with in the book include: personality, money, career, children & child rearing, religion, convictions & beliefs,past and present relationships, morality, and even sex.

And it is not just the big demons that are brought out to play, but every now and then you are led into battle with less intimidating foes. The “Softer” issues like vacations, pets, well being, food, car and driving, etc. All things are dealt with with the same kind of gravity from cover to cover.

“1000 Questions For Couples book” doesn’t lack in interest – despite it’s potentially gloomy subject. It makes reading fun and light-hearted at times – and even the super serious issues are sauced and garnished against becoming tiresome. This book makes it easier for couples to get comfortable and to get turned on before being confronted with the more important question-marks in their relationship.

Plus! –and I love this little extra- you have the marvelous option of getting 3 – 5 of the “1000 Questions For Couples” to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend delivered by email each day. It is a friendly automatic reminder. There are days that I rely on nothing but my email cues to remind me of questions that i need to ask my partner.

When all is said and done, I have little to complain about when it comes to this book. It has at least managed to live up to my expectations and has is perfectly capable of challenging the questions that any twosome should probe into before getting hitched for good.

The book comes highly recommended – NOT just for engaged couples or couples who are planning to get married in the foreseeable future – but also for those who simply want to fuel the flame of their relationships and open the channels for more intimate communication.

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