John Gray

men are from mars women from venusNowadays, it is very common to hear words of anger and self denial from couples who are in a relationship. They say bad things about their relationship or to their partners which only destroy their blessed relationship tie and eventually split up if no first aid is given. Especially in the United States that has a very liberal kind of values and culture, divorce applications have piled up in almost all courts. Indeed, there are many establishments or services in the US that specialize in couples counseling particularly in the realm of giving advice on relationship aspect. These services are pertinent to the fact that many American authors sprung up and published their works about personal relationships. One of the best authors on this is John Gray.

John Gray is renowned for his books about love and relationship that have been so popular and best selling. He is best known for his 1992 book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus which talks about ideas for developing a healthy relationship between the male sex and the female sex. John Gray talks in the book that through effective appreciation of emotional needs of a partner and creating a strong communication can love prosper and blossom. You can pick up a copy of the men are from mars ebook here.

He said that when men and women are able to respect and accept their differences thus love has a chance to blossom. Truthfully, a strong and effective communication and understanding in a relationship will always arrest any small problem that may arise which if taken for granted may develop into a big one. From the title of the book, men and women are of different sexes thus of different needs and attitudes. Hence, there is always a need for communication to understand differences. Like what they say, there are two important letters in the word communication and those are U’ and I’.

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