How To Fix A Relationship

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Marriage or a committed relationship is not only about two people living together but it also involves the relationship that the two have agreed to create and maintain so as to live happily. This may often become a problem especially if the couple is not prepared to challenges such as child-rearing, monthly budgets etc. Some spouses may even end up feeling like roommates when they should be lovers and this may result in failed marriages or relationships. It is however important to note that troubled marriages can still be fixed but it requires willingness from the two parties. The following tips are very essential on how to fix a marriage or committed relationship.

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1) Identifying the specific causes of your problems

There is no perfect marriage or relationship and many married couples go through problems resulting from a number of reasons such as lack of communication, financial challenges, medical problems among other factors that may result in mistrust by one or both parties.

The first step on how to fix a relationship therefore is to identify the root cause of the problem in the relationship. This will guide the two parties/spouses into coming up with a specific plan of action that will help in renewing the marital relationship at the same time rebuild the trust as well as strengthen the bond between them.

2) Communication is very essential

Lack of communication between committed couples is one of the top reasons why many encounter problems. Note that communication has always been considered as the foundation of a strong, healthy, interpersonal relationship therefore it is very crucial for spouses to communicate truthfully and openly.

Good communication does not only involve the use of superficial greetings or chit-chats but it is often characterized by the ability to comfortably share one’s feelings thus allowing your spouse to have a clear picture of what is in your heart. Be assertive and avoid blaming the other partner.

Improved communication between spouses is very essential on how to fix a broken relationship or marriage aside from the fact that it also enhances trust between them. Listening is very essential in effective communication since it helps to minimize conflicts that often result from misunderstandings.

3) Being a problem solver

Stop focusing and complaining about everything that is wrong but instead focus on how to solve them. Have a genuine look at the problems and stop blaming your spouse for them but come together and find solutions. In many instances, marital problems are not that different from the day to day challenges in life therefore facing them with an open mind with the aim of finding the solutions is very effective on how to fix a break up.

Note that, sometimes what it takes to improve a relationship may not always be fair and that is the time when you should focus more on happiness instead of focusing on what is fair. You may even be the one to make the first move and even assume the role of a leader but if that is what it takes to solve your problems and have a happy marriage, then it shouldn’t be a hard.

4) Stop piling old grievances

Always solve a problem whenever it arises forgive it and move on. Remember that forgiveness is a decision that one should always make if he/she wants to move on and leave grudges behind. When a new issue come up, solve it right away and when doing so never refer to a past, already solved problem.

5) Seek help from a professional couples counselor

This is an effective way of fixing a marriage especially when all the other methods do not seem to work. The marriage counselor will objectively listen to the both of you and even give feedback without judging you.

He /she will then come up with the best course of action based on the problems that you have encountered. With the training as well as the experiences that they have you are assured of getting the help that you really need to fix your relationship. They provide married couples with very valuable, powerful advice essential for repairing a marriage or committed relationship.


Always focus on the positive compliments such as thank you, physical intimacy, listening, hugs etc instead of doing things that put your partner off e.g. ignoring, sarcasm, criticism etc. Remember to do things that show that you care for your partner’s ego and never tear it down even during your worst arguments.

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