Harville Hendrix 30 Day Zero Negativity

laughing coupleHarville Hendrix is a writer that takes an honest look at relationships. We all know that relationships aren’t always going to be perfect. A lot of people out there need to be able to say that they can set goals and meet those goals within a relationships. One of those goals may be to make your spouse laugh once a day. The concept of humor is going to make your life and relationship go smoother. A number of people are simply too negative. Hendrix challenges people to take a thirty day, no negativity challenge. Negative comments are something that may always bring down a relationship. It is important to find the type of love that both members of the relationship desire.

Imago Dialogue

The concept of imago therapy allows you to learn more about the visual things that can strengthen a relationship. What makes a spouse stay connected to their spouse over a long period of time? Honesty can help and a good image dialogue can allow partners to be candid with each other. Harville Hendrix has set up workshops and conferences in the past that have truly strengthened a large number of relationships. A relationship is often built on trust. The conferences and workshops are very helpful when you are trying to reinstall trust in your relationship.

Next Level

Harville Hendrix has a large number of MP3 files and DVDs in order to make sure your relationship is able to go to that next level. The couplehood programs that are available are something that can be discussed within a group. It can be important to know that other couples may be having some of the same problems. Helen LaKelly Hunt is vital to making sure the programs are designed well and offer a balanced perspective. The programs are able to tackle both serious and humorous relationship topics.

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