Imago Therapy A Win-Win Solution For Couples

winning intimate coupleImago therapy is a tool that teaches couples skills to identify root cause of their conflicts and eventually create a win-win solution. The integrated approach focuses on taking image of familiar love such as emotionally unavailable, stressed or preoccupied, interested, encouraging and ignoring.

Why imago relationship therapy?

1. It has proved to be effective to various groups of couples

2. Helps transform unconscious aspects into conscious relationship

3. It helps create safety for each other

4. Transforms conflicts into opportunities of deeper connection and intimacy

5. Helps learn how to be a source of happiness of his/her partner rather than a source of pain

6. Addresses the roots of conflict

7. It helps transform relationship and foster a rewarding joyous marriage.

8. It helps a couple whose relationship or marriage on break-ups be transformed into being stronger and more fulfilling

9. Help couple move into a connection level, personal healing, intimacy and growth beyond the expected


What are the basic principles of Imago therapy techniques?

1. He /she should search for someone who matches up with composite of his/her primary caretakers since he/she marries to heal and finish the unfinished business of childhood.

2. Romantic love is an opening to a responsible relationship and marriage hence it is his/her nature to connect with perfect partner for ultimate healing.

3. He/she was born whole and complete

4. He/she was wounded during early nurturing and mingling development stages by his/her caretaker.

5. He/she has negative and positive composite traits of his/her caretaker

6. He/she move into a power struggle after commitment hence healing and growth information lies.

7. Inevitably, his/her partner is incompatible with him/her hence more wounds again

8. The goal of imago relationship therapy workshops is to assist him/her develop conscious, committed and intimate relationships.

9. Specific skills and processes are practiced to enable move from possessing unconscious relationship to a conscious relationship.

10. It takes courage, patience, courage, commitment and love to develop and maintain a safe, affectionate and passionate relationship.

Imago therapy exercises is a key to a bright marriage life.

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