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relationship quizzes for couplesQuestion: My name is Amy, and I’m 16 year old. There’s this handsome guy in this class. We have been in the same schools since kindergarten days and I’ve always had a crush on him. Since it’s not long for graduation, I’ve started feeling awkward and depressed. I won’t be able to see him everyday and I’ve never been able to tell him about my feelings. I always like seeing him from a far, but now that’ll be over soon too. Do you think I should tell him about my feelings? I’m not even sure if he likes me or whether it is the true love that I’m feeling for him. What is the difference between love and infatuation? Does being in love hurt? I’m a very emotional person, and I’m scared to get hurt by someone I have always admired. Please help! Amy California

Answer: We all have been through the phase where we think we’re in love with that hot and sexy girl/boy in our class, but end up feeling disheartened when we hear about their current boyfriend/girlfriend, who look better than us. If he’s very handsome, I’m sure you, he’d be popular in the class and might even have a girlfriend that you are not aware of (since you haven’t mentioned anything about it, I assumed).

At the critical age of 16, what we fail to understand is the difference between love and infatuation and all other feelings that seem like love. How much do you know about love? You can take our relationship quizzes given on this site to know how much you feel about him and if it’s real! These relationship quizzes generally yield accurate results.

Besides that, to know whether you love him or just attracted to his smoking hot persona, I’d like to tell you the difference between love and other feelings, so you can figure out what you actually feel for him and this shall make it clear whether you should confess your feelings to him or let it pass.

What Is Love? It Definitely Isn’t…


“If you loved me, then you would have…”

Well, this is definitely not love. It is a kind of infatuation that we often experience in our lives. May be his good looks and charm attracted you at the first place, but when it was for being together, standing together in the canteen , you are busy making some calculations in your mind. If you find yourself thinking too much about his looks and how he feels about yours, consider the fact that it is just plain attraction. Such things happen, when two equally attractive personalities come in contact with each other.

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“I’ll only love him, if he leaves his bad habits”

Do you find yourself using such phrases a lot? Oh man, why he doesn’t change his habit of making weird friends? A person, who is is love merely cares about anything else other than the person she/he loves. You waited so many years with that feeling in your heart, I’m sure there must be something about him bothering you, which didn’t let you take the step.

Now, we come to your last questions. Does being in love hurt? Does it make you depressed?

Love hurts, literally! A lot of times we see people getting depressed, committing crimes in passion or ruining their lives just because their love was not reciprocated or couldn’t reach its destination. This is not something that depends on an individual. There have been many studies suggesting that when someone’s heart breaks, it literally causes the mind and body to suffer, which can be really hard for people to handle. It has also been observed, when you are dumped you start loving that person even more. Are you going through the same phase? Take your relationship quizzes to explore more about your problem.

It is understood that with so much pain and restriction, the person tends to become depressed. It is best advised to talk to your friends, family or seek professional help, if the pain r state of depression doesn’t seem to go away. In normal situations, it takes approximately 63 days for a person to move on and get in terms with the present situation. If you think, he’s not what you want, or it’s nothing more than a physical attraction, then it would be wise to let it go and plan for a better life ahead. Focus on getting into better college and make the best use of your time.

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