1,000 questions for couples: how do you buy a car together?

Car covered in snow in car parkAfter a week of teasing and cryptic Tweets, Tesla Motors finally let the cat out of the bag on Thursday when it revealed its newest creation: the “D.” The Model D is a brand-spanking new dual-motor version of Tesla’s beloved Model S.

So, what’s so great about the Tesla D? The car makers claim that the vehicle has even more speed, efficiency and acceleration than any of their previous cars. In fact, the company’s CEO Elton Musk describes the car as “nuts!” He even goes as far as to say that it’s “just bananas!”

The Tesla D will hit the market at $120,000, with the first cars available this December.

The announcement of this new car begs the question: “Will you be buying this vehicle with your spouse?” Chances are, probably not, but you might be in the market for a new family car (just with a smaller price tag). When it comes to negotiating, there are usually 1,000 questions for couples and plenty of things you shouldn’t let on to the dealer. Here are three of them:

  • “Honey, what are your thoughts?” Car dealers love nothing more than an indecisive couple! It means that they can subtly play you against each other and talk you into unnecessary upgrades. When shopping for a car, don’t show any emotion. Always head to the dealership prepared, and if something comes up, don’t be shy – tell the dealer you’d like to discuss it in private or go home to think about it.
  • “I’d like to avoid large payments.” Although most families and couples tend to think in terms of monthly budgets, that’s not really the right way to price a car. Often, a superficially attractive monthly payment may be on the table, but it might not be giving you the most bang for your buck. Do your homework and always know how much you are willing to spend over the lifetime of your car loan.
  • “What about trading in our car?” Don’t bring up trading in your car until you’ve settled on a price for the vehicle you’re buying. If you bring this up ahead of time, you’ll just be giving the dealer a little more flexibility in his negotiations, which you don’t want.

So, whether you’re visiting the Tesla dealership or something a little more reasonably priced, don’t forget these tips when car-shopping with your spouse! Good luck!


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