5 Tips To Solve Relationship Issues

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It all started 5 years back, in Birmingham, Alabama. I saw her crossing the road and that very moment she stole my heart away. Although our fate brought two of us under one shelter, things started getting worse after four years of togetherness. I was utterly depressed and was wondering if there is actually anything called “love at first sight”.

What Was Wrong?

I could not let her go because the love was real. Same goes for her. We could not get apart neither we could live together without quarreling. Something was really wrong so we went for counseling to sort out our relationship issues. Although everything was looking very complex but the problems were very basic. Four relationship issues that we encountered are-

Lack of Communication

While seeking for relationship advice, the question we faced most often was- “Are you communicating with each other like before?”. The answer was a big NO. Although most of the people feel like they are communicating more than before as they are living together, the actual scenario is totally opposite. We took each other granted and were not communicating with each other like before. We used to text each other all day long, used to video chat at night and call each other now and then. But as we started living together, we forgot these old spicy moments. And the thing got worse. This is one of the most common relationship issues every couple face.

solving relationship issues


“Are you insecure/jealous of anyone talking to your partner?”- this was the second question we encountered. Trust me this is the cause of break up in 99% cases. As we live 1-2 years as couples we feel like we have already known our partners enough. There’s nothing new so we stop communicating. And when we see that someone else is talking to our partners like we used to do before, we get jealous and insecure. This is one of the most worst relationship issues and hence makes relationships fragile. We need to bring that old us again to rejuvenate our relationship.

Decreasing Sexual Intercourse

Well, this is not a ticket science. Everyone on this planet decreases sexual activity with his/her partner as the relationship grow old. After meeting on bed for the first time people get crazy and keep on having sex now and then. But after a few months or a year the appeal gets decreased. Although thus is natural, most of us cannot take it naturally. We feel that something is going wrong and our partner is not interested like before. And we start doubting that our partners are having sex while we are out of sight. Well,we need to speak up to get things alright. Couples should try having sex every night as it is indeed a great exercise and helps erasing frustration.

Space is Needed!

After being in a long term relationship, every couple feels like they are being deprived of the outer world and becomes desperate for other people’s attentions. This results in break ups. As humans, we surely need space to feel the importance of our partners. Whenever we be in long term relationships, we take our partners as granted. And things get out of our hands. So we need to stay apart for a few days to feel that attraction back.

All you need to get that old spice back in your relationship is patience and determination. Figure out the relationship issues you are having and sort it out- as simple as that!

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