Relationship Advice: Stop the Gender War Between Yourself and Your Partner

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couples adviceAre Men Really Stupid? Are Women Really Crazy?

Here’s a piece of relationship advice you won’t want to forget, especially if you are stuck in the “men are stupid” or “women are crazy” mentality. The fact is that neither myth is correct. Here’s a scenario many men and women can attest to happening at least once in their lives.

You are at a friend’s party chit-chatting and having fun when one of the wives begins telling an embarrassing story of one of her husband’s wrongdoings. From the outside, it seems as if she’s “just joking” when implying he is “stupid” in front of the couples at the party, but there is a string of tension in the air as her husband is obviously uncomfortable. This situation is just one of the many instances where one sex attempts to gain power over the other.

Emotional Manipulation

This is just one of many examples of emotional manipulation. After the party, the husband may confront the wife for embarrassing him and implying he is incompetent, yet she may fire back that she was “only joking” , which has the husband thinking she is “crazy”. Using passive-aggressiveness to put down men for being ‘stupid’ and women for being ‘crazy’ gives power to the accusing and shame to the accused. Pointing out deficiencies in a “joking” manner do more harm than good.

Both Sexes Want Power

Both men and women engage in this power play for the upper-hand on the opposite sex. This is an unfortunate side effect of the storm of gender equality. In the last few years, both men and women have excelled in what used to be a man or woman’s job. For example, some men stay at home and excel in housework raising kids that had been originally defined as “woman’s work”. Women have explored and excelled in the workforce, which was a traditional “man’s job”. This can lead to the “I can do that better” mindset.

Stop the Name-calling

The name calling game won’t bring men and women closer together, in fact, the beautiful luxurious wedding you both spent time and money towards can be flushed down the divorce toilet if this continues. The truth is that both men and women are in a constant learning state whereas the “traditional” men and women’s work is in fact dead. Relinquishing the power we’ve held in our respective gender roles can end this ongoing war once and for all.

The best relationship advice for couples is to remember that nobody is perfect, both men and women are equal and men and women have the ability to love each other perfectly.

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