Curious Dating Advice For Men

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Hi my name is Bob and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Actually my problem is that whenever I go on a date with any women, I always make some mistakes and I end up having a bad date with all the women. So, I was wondering if you can give me some tips or dating advice that can help me in my problem.

Hi, Bob, you problem is not a unique issue because so many other guys also get similar result from their dating. But you don’t have to worry a lot as well for this because if you know proper dating advice for men, then you can easily get rid of this problem and following are some suggestion that may help you in it.

Dress well: If you are not properly dressed, then any dating advice for men will not work for you in any condition. So, if you want to make sure that you get the best response from any female on your date, then we strongly recommend that you chose your dress wisely. If you take my opinion then I would suggest you to wear suit or some formal dress in which you will look good and attractive.

Stay prepared: Staying prepared is the best dating advice for men and I would also suggest you same to get the best dating experience. In this preparation I would suggest you to think about your communication and you think for possible answer as well. Also, it is a good idea that you stay prepared for every possible situation and you think about a backup plan as well.

curious dating advice for men

Stay in your comfort zone: If you are not comfortable with a girl, then my dating advice for men would suggest you to stay in your comfort zone only. Here, I am not saying that you should visit the same restaurant every time or you should order the same food only. But I am suggesting that you should avoid those requests in which you are not good at all.

Don’t expect perfection: In order to get the best dating experience it is strongly recommended that you do not expect any kind of perfection from your dating. If you are doing some mistake, then it is perfectly fine because that is the human nature and girls also understand it. Also, if you think that girls like those guys that do not make any mistake, then you are wrong about it because girls like those guys as well that do mistakes.

Make it about her: Possibly his is the most important dating advice for men and all the dating experts recommend this to people. When you will make it about her only, then she will notice your efforts and she will also feel happier. Other than this she will also appreciate your efforts and she will give more respect as well to you. So, on your next date allow your date to chose the place and let her decide for your food order as well unless she force you to take the decision for this.

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