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My name is Bill from New York, State of New York, USA. For quite some time now, my relationship life has not been a bed of roses. This begs the following question: Why are modern relationships characterized by a myriad of problems, misunderstandings and disagreements?

Being in the relationship for the right reason.

A relationship cannot thrive where there is no true love. For this reason, if a relationship is to succeed, it should be based on true love. Here are a few love-related questions for couples and their answers.

What are the qualities of true love?

Love is kind, patient and modest. It does not envy, and neither does it delight in evil. It protects, preservers, perseveres and hopes. It never fails, because it is immortal. If people expressed true love to their partners, this world would be a better place to live in.

Does true love really exist?

People say that true love only exists in Mars, but I say it does exist on earth. What matters is a person’s commitment and dedication.

How is true love different from lust?

Lust is temporary. It is based on the outward appearance, and it has no connection with the heart. On the other hand, true love is based on the heart, and it is permanent. Lust can lead to love, but not vice-versa.

What do men like in a woman?

The answer to this question differs from one man to the other. Remember one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

What do women like in men?

Different women like different things in men, but financial stability is a common denominator.

simple questions for couples

The role of social networks in relationships

Social media has spoiled many relationships and created others. For this reason, the direction in which social media affects relationships depends on the two people concerned. Consider these questions:

Does social media create an illusion of having several options?

Yes it does. Let us agree: social media connects to overwhelming options in our relationship lives. This is because a relationship can easily spring up from a social media acquaintance.

Is it possible to avoid the temptation to cheat created by social media?

Off course, nothing is impossible. However, one needs to be extremely disciplined to ignore the temptations brought about by the social media.

Can you meet your wife or husband on social networks?

It is possible to meet your life partner on social media as long as you exude the characters that will make your crush attracted to you like moths to flames.

Managing work and relationships

Now that we have to travel far and wide in search for jobs, how do we manage our tasks so that we remain committed in our relationships? Find the answer in the work-related questions and answers below.

Do long-distance relationships thrive?

Yes they do. This is because of the mobile phone technology and the internet. Since a relationship entails two people at a deep emotional and psychological level, long distance relationship can thrive as long as the individuals concerned are keen to see the relationship work.

Is it advisable to resign for employment that keeps you away from your loved one?

My answer here is yes and no. If you entirely depend on that job for your livelihood, then do not. Remember money (not love) makes the earth go round. However, if you have other sources of income, you can consider sticking with your family.

Solving modern-day relationship issues

Talking about the modern questions for couples without considering the current relationship issues is self-defecting logic. The questions below emphasize this idea.

Is there a formula for solving modern relationship problems?

Definitely, no. the solutions to modern day relationships vary from one problem to another. The people concerned also dictate the direction in which solving the problem will go.

How are the relationship issues of today different from those of traditional relationships?

The internet and the mobile phone technology have created both problems and solutions to modern relationship as compared to traditional ones.

How do you garnish your sex life so that your relationship goes in the right direction?

Sex should leave the partners satisfied and gratified as if the heavenly angels have already shown them the direct way to paradise. If your sex life is boring, consult professional relationship advisers and be ready to unveil all the sexual cravings of your partner selflessly.

Relationships and the religion.

The most important of the questions for couples are those relating to managing a relationship and religion. This is because relationships also derail those concerned from their religious faith.

Are modern relationships evil?

This depends the partners. Most people today cheat on their wives and husbands. This has created mistrust in many marriages, leading to divorce and separation. In this light, it is important to remain faithful to your God and your partner if your relationship is to work.

What role does the religion play in modern relationships?

All the holy books have several teachings relating to relationships. These teachings work towards binding those involved in the relationship with cords that cannot be broken.

Concisely, there are so many issues relating to modern relationships and marriages. This is because the cutthroat world of business interferes with the success of marriage, because people cannot manage work and marriage at the same time. Indeed, it is difficult to serve two masters. The afore-mentioned questions touch only on the general issues that affect modern marriages today. For specific questions for couples relating to your current situation, do not look for answers elsewhere, because we have them! We offer customized relationship advice that will solve all your relationship issues. Just enter your details and contact us today!

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