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Question: Hello, my name is Adriana and I live in Portage County, Wisconsin. Six months ago I’ve met a guy named Adams who lives in Long Island, New York. We really liked each other and we started developing a relationship. During this time we’ve seen each other in two different months, when we spent one week together each time and felt really great. I really feel like this guy is the one I’d like to spend all my life with and I’m sure he has strong feelings for me too. However, during the last 2 weeks we barely spoke with each other. We used to message each other daily but now this thing has become a lot more difficult. He barely texts me once or twice every 3 days and he blames it on the job. He works as a manager at a small company so I understand he is busy, but somehow I feel that our relationship has become colder. What can I do? Some relationship counseling would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Hello Adriana, my name is Jeff and I’ve been through a long-distance relationship before so I know how hard it is to maintain the love when you’re both far from one another. However, it is very important to talk often, especially when you’re far away. Have you noticed a change in his behavior lately? Does he avoid to talk to you for some reason? You should be able to discuss and clear this things up, this is the best relationship counseling advice I can give you. Additionally, here are some things which can help you maintain the “flame” in your love:

relationship counseling for couplesEnjoy the independence you have. That will help a long distance relationship. This does not mean that you can start to see someone else, though. Simply meet up with friends or go out for a drink in a while. Eventually, even in couples who are separated by distance spouses should have some independence. It is important to remember this: no partner must be the only person in your life. This will help you evolve as a person, as a unique individual and stay strong while torque. This is a good relationship counseling advice.

Spice up your relationship. Tease him a little. Sure, sex is the best thing you can do when you are together in the same room, and couples who have a long distance relationship lure to be together as often as possible. But there are other ways to keep the heat of passion when you are away from each other. You can write your emails about your erotic fantasies. It is true that these messages do not only increase the desire to be each others arms and do what is written in Mail, but it remains the next time you meet. Certainly it will be worth the wait. This comes straight from relationship counseling experts.

Trust each other and the long-distance relationship will not suffer. It is true that it is hard to stay away from each other, but do not let negative feelings to destroy the relationship. Rather than complain that you are not together, you better talk about interesting things that you did or the other person did. In fact, the more you will feel happier about your life, the more you will be happier. Any person who has some experience in relationship counseling will tell you the same thing.

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