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I’m Anthony and I have been in marriage for about 15 years now. My wife, Jenny and I have had both difficult and good times. We live in the Gurnee, IL and both of us are working so we are just comfortable economically. Sometimes we could argue over some things and this brings our relationship to the edge occasionally. What I want to ask is if there is any help for marriages like mine, which have been struggling all along with the fear of a looming divorce?

For sure, there is help for marriages. There are various ways in which one can get help to save and nourish his/her marriage. Some of the most important ways are described below.

Getting Help From Skill-building Sessions And In-home Resources

Skill-building programs such as financial planning, communication and time management are key towards success of any marriage. One can get such skill-building sessions from community adult education programs. Some of the in-home resources couples can utilize to study and learn how to handle marriages include DVDs, marriage TV programs and even books. Also, there is a lot of content in professional marriage websites where one can get help from. Remember this applies when your marriage problems are still within your reach.

Getting Help From Support Groups

There are various marriage enrichment programs offered in a group setting. Enrichment programs such as the Marriage Encounter allow couples to meet on a particular day and get to discuss about their marriage and family. Christian Family Movement is another program, which can help couples, build their marriage in a Christian way. Things such as addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling etc. can really damage a relationship if left uncontrolled. These support groups can really help couples get rid of such marriage-breaking behaviors.

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Attending Special Marriage Programs

Special programs such Retrouvaille weekend program specially designed for marriages that are in crisis helps couples deal with very difficult issues. For couples who have serious problems including those who have divorced or separated, such follow-up programs are ideal for them. A team of marriage experts who advises each couple according to their situation controls the program. This is where you can find mentor couple, skill-building experts and support groups all joining hands together to help couples solve their marriage problems.


Sometimes a couple might have continuous wrangles that seem unending. That is the right time they can seek help from a marriage counselor. If you are experiencing unclear communication, substance abuse, disagreement over children’s issues, disruptive life transitions and even depression, then your marriage is at stake and you certainly need immediate help from a counselor. Finding the right person for the job isn’t easy because you need a person whom you can trust your personal issues with, a person who is certified and has some marriage and psychology education. You can get a legitimate counselor easily by asking for referrals.

Getting help From Spiritual Resources

One can seek help from his or her spiritual leader. A religious couple might decide to visit their church leader to mentor them and give them marriage advice in accordance to their religion.

Actually, at one time in a marriage, problems must arise and we should be able to handle them accordingly. If not, we can ask help from others to guide us through. Marriage is a treasure that no one would like to lose in any way. Getting help from the above ways can surely nourish and keep your marriage on good track.

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