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Q. My name is Alan. I’m about to get married in a couple of weeks and want to know if I can make a good spouse. I love my would be wife, but always feel negative about the feeling about whether I’ll be able to be a good spouse and stand by her expectations. Please give some good marriage advice! – Alan, California

Answer: Do you refrain yourself from criticizing your spouse? Are you forgiving in nature? Do you think you’re doing all the right things in the marriage? And most importantly do you avoid complaining about the things your partner may not be capable of understanding? If you have answered to all these questions in Yes, then you’re on the track!

There are a lot of people taking quizzes in magazines and blogs to see if they’re doing good in their marriage, or if they stand up to the expectations of being a good spouse. Well, here you need not take any quiz to prove your worth as a husband. All you need is to go through below given pointers to judge yourself. If you think you already have these qualities, well and good – and if you don’t, then there’s still a long way to go! Our marriage advice may not just help you become a good spouse, but will also make you be a good judge of situations that are likely to arise in a marriage.

marriage advice for becoming a good spouse

Finding Positivity In Everything

First of all it is important to know and accept that married life can be tough. But, to understand if you’re ready to take all the burden and responsibilities of a family you must have the ability to transform every negative thing into a positive one. If you think your wife has ten bad qualities, try to evaluate them with other 100 good ones. Can you focus 100% on the good qualities of your spouse, than sticking up to the bad ones? If yes, then you surely expect to have a marriage forever. This attitude keeps building trust and bond between partners. Take this marriage advice and follow it as a bible – no one likes to be criticized and thus, you should avoid being a critic as much as you can.

Do You Think You’re Enough Understanding?

Understanding nature! You must have heard a lot of people using this adjective while describing their would-be partners. Well, this is one thing everyone desires to have in their life partners. There can be certain things in life that need to be understood well before hitting any action. It requires a lot of patience and calm mind. One marriage advice that never goes wrong is to understand that there’s always a reason behind other’s actions, and to maintain cordiality in a marriage it is important to understand those reasons. Moreover, if you think your partner is at fault, you should accept and move on considering it to be a mistake, as humans tends to make mistakes throughout their lives.

Can You Respect To Your Partner?

Here we are talking about respect in broad sense. Of course, you respect your partner for who she is. But, do you respect their thoughts or opinions? This is not something that they would earn from you. This is something you will need to give it to them if you want your marriage to work until your last breath. You must treat your relationship sacredly. A person in this sacred relationship should be honored and respected for being in this position.

No one is perfect, neither you nor your partner. The key to a successful marriage and being a good spouse lies in deep understanding and respect for each other. If you possess or adopt these three above-mentioned qualities you can save your marriage from all kind of stress and conflicts. In order to know more, you can consult our relationship experts for marriage advice or simply browse the blog for more advice on how to handle different situation in a married life.

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