Marriage advice for new parents à la Chelsea Clinton

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Pregnant coupleChelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave birth to her first child at 7:03 PM Friday, 26 September at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital. The baby, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, is the first grandchild for the former President and First Lady.

Chelsea Clinton, now 34, was kept very much out of the media and shielded from the spotlight during her father’s presidency. And it seems that her parents’ choices helped pave the way for a successful young woman; however, having a new baby can be a struggle, even for the most affluent of individuals. Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky have been married since 2010. Here are some tips that they – and every couple new to parenthood – might find useful.

Making your marriage work after a baby

One thing that’s for certain: babies can wreak havoc on your relationship. Babies require a lot of time, energy and attention. It’s hard enough to find that much-needed “me time” but what about that equally important “us time?” A couple that doesn’t address this issue early on may be doomed to failure. Don’t let having a baby drive a wedge between you!

Many marriages end up failing after the birth of a baby, which is supposed to be one of the happiest events in life. It doesn’t have to be so dismal though. This may be an unorthodox bit of marriage advice, but it’s surprisingly effective – seek some marriage counseling before the baby even arrives. This way, problems can be addressed and you can work on strategies – together – to solve them. And remember, don’t let problems pile up – solve them NOW rather than later. You won’t be sorry.

Another thing to remember is that you’ve got to make time for each other. One of the biggest issues most new parents have is a lack of time – and romance. It is important to have some time away from the baby, so get a babysitter. You may feel little pangs of guilt the first few times, but these will subside and your marriage will be stronger for it. Find the time for intimacy, communication, and connection. A strong marriage will only make your life – and your baby’s – that much more rewarding.


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