Marriage advice: Seven days a week just like the USPS

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LoveOne thing is for certain: if you’re looking for marriage advice, the United States Postal Service (USPS) might not be your first stop. However, perhaps it’s time to give credit where credit is due. After all, they know that their work is a daily thing – seven days a week, that is!

Say what? With the holiday season in full swing, the USPS is making a few changes, which means that it will be delivering packages seven days a week. They are aiming to keep up with the surge in demand for shipping that comes at this time every year.

The USPS claims that seven-day delivery doesn’t just make it easier for customers to get their packages on time; it also makes things easier on the USPS as well. Apparently, the USPS knows that if you want something to work, you’ve got to work at it everyday!

In the spirit of the USPS’ seven-day delivery schedule – even if it is just for the holiday season – we thought we’d give you some seven-day-a-week marriage advice. Practice these tips everyday and you might just stay out of the doghouse!

  • Fix the problems. We know that relationships need work; problems inevitably arise. Together, try to identify the problems in your relationship and work out ways to fix them. Resolving your issues means that, as a team, you will both be contributing towards building a stronger relationship.
  • Take the time to listen. Listen to your spouse, no matter how trivial their issues might seem. One of the biggest secrets for a successful marriage is paying attention to your spouse! Be the shoulder your spouse can cry on. Spend a few minutes each day really listening. Trust us.
  • Practice empathy. Go ahead and walk a mile in your spouse’s shoes. In fact, why not put yourself in her dresses and stilettos while you’re at it – figuratively, of course! She’s at work all day long, isn’t she? Making a serious effort to understand another person’s feelings might change your point of view.
  • Spend more time together. This doesn’t mean sitting on the couch next to each other while he watches the game and you play on your phone. Do something active together, such as going for a hike in the hills or getting a couple’s massage.

In all seriousness, making a marriage work can be a challenge, but that challenge can be fun and very rewarding. If you’ve been married for a while, or even if you’re newlyweds, what’s your most effective marriage tip?

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